How to help us

You can help us in 4 ways

In any case, contact us and tell us what you like to do. We appreciate a lot your help

1. Your time and your hands

Kids love having people around, who make them play and laugh. We are grateful for support in everyday school life and to realize other small projects that we have planned. So if you would like to work with us voluntarily, you are very welcome. 

Do you want to come? Contact us.



play, teach, cook

Some volunteers come to spend some time with all our little ones and we don't really know who is happier: children or volunteers! :) Others help us teach the children. We are also always grateful for support in the kitchen. The children usually only eat these meals a day, which they get from us. This should be balanced and healthy.

You can also visit our website:

By now, the easiest way to do it is through: 

account on a Swiss bank:

Raiffeisen Regio Altnau, 8595 Altnau,  Switzerland

account number: CH43 8080 8004 8271 3002 8     SWIFT-BIC: RAIFCH22

account: "Orphanage Enjivai Tansania"

account owner: Rita Strasser, Gütlistrasse 2, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland


Our orphanage bank account:

Exim Bank (Arusha, Tansania), BIC/SWIFT: EXTNTZTZ , Account Number: 0030033035, Name: Enjivai Orphanage


With Western Union:

A global company which helps you move money instantly through the globe at a very low rates. You can go to a

Western Union office or use it online:  Make a deposit on the following name: Ishumael Dominick Mollel



 4. Support our travel agency


visit our company: