Our project

The objective of Enjivai Orphanage

  • To  promote the living standards of the needy children and orphans by improving their shelter, health, education, necessary for day to day life of the children.
  • To provide technical training and skills to orphans for self employment and individual life improvement.
  • To raise awareness on legal education based on human right focused on women, children and widows/widower to the community.
  • To strengthen entrepreneurship programs to ensure quality production that meets international standard and income improvement.
  • To raise community’s awareness on HIV/AIDS to the women, youth and society in general.

And what will we do to achieve this goal? 

It's no easy, but we have hope and faith that with hard work we will achieve it. 

  • To look for donors who will help to complete the orphanage building.
  • To find donors for beds, mattresses and other necessary shelter facilities.
  • To accommodating orphans soon after orphanage building get completed.
  • To find donors to fund workers wages.
  • To find sponsors for children education.
  • To find fund for solar system installation.
  • To prepare fundraising for buying the land for school construction and other foundation projects.
  • To buy orphanage min-bus.
  • To establish small projects that will be generating money for the foundation so as to become self reliant.
  • To provide HIV/AID education to youths, women and elders in order to raise more awareness.
  • To build more connection to the international community so as get support and help more people as possible.