Our goals

The objective of Enjivai Orphanage

  • To  promote the living standards of the needy children and orphans by improving their shelter, balanced nutrition, health, education, necessary for day to day life of the children.
  • The children are provided with a good basic requirement for the regular school years.
  • Provide orphans with skills for self-reliance and the improvement of individual life.
  • Promote awareness of the basis of human rights relating to women, children and widows/widows.
  • Strengthening programmes to promote good training that meet international standards.


And what will we do to achieve this goal? 

Looking for donors who will help achieve our goals. 

Public schools in Tanzania are different from having in Europe. They rarely teach English and there are usually more than 80 students per class, which is a very difficult learning environment.
Our greatest wish is the construction of our own school, in which we can teach children during the entire school period. The place should also offer the possibility of permanent accommodation for children who no longer have parents. We also want to make a contribution to the health of the population.

Currently we are collecting money:

  • for the construction of a school with an attached boarding school approx. (approximate costs: USD 500'000)
  • for the school equipement (approximate costs: USD 70'000)
  • for the school operation in the first 2 years (approximate costs: USD 100'000)
  • for the construction of a small clinic (approximate costs:  USD 80'000 US)

Furthermore, we have ongoing projects for which we need donations:

  • Find donations to fund the wages of teachers, cooks and carers
  • Find donations to cover the current monthly costs
  • Sponsors find for a good education of the children
  • Establishment of small projects that generate money for the foundation in order to become self-employed
  • Build more links with the international community to get support to help as many people as possible 


It's no easy, but we have hope and faith that with hard work we will achieve it.