The orphanage

Love, Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Volunteerism, Respect

In 2018 Central Government has seen it is appropriate and gave us a full registration. Enjivai Orphanage has the registration number 00009850.

Our mission

ENJIVAI is an orphanage established in 2016 at Arusha, Kambi Ya Chupa Madukani aiming to strengthening the capacity of community though developing less privileged children, orphans, widows and widowers welfare through capacitating families and community in general.

Children are one who suffers from various problems in the society lack or low accessibility of good education, insufficient food and other accommodation this is due to severe poverty and HIV/AIDS. 

It started with 12 children who were orphans by giving them nursery education, food and clothes since then there was no a place to accommodate them, they were still staying with their relatives, grandmothers, grandfathers who are very old not even able to take care of themselves. Until now there are 31 children. Some of them are orphans and others are sons and daughters of widows and widowers whereby soon we have plan to complete construction of a home where they will be staying. It has been run by supports from local communities, individuals and some volunteers from abroad communities who visited the centre.

Since its establishment it was been run under partial registration given by the local and city authority while other procedures were taken to get full registration  until 2018 when central government has seen it is appropriate then it granted a full registration.

See our project and what we want for the future here.

Daily life

  • Teaching children at the centre.
  • Daily topics are Englisch, computing, health and hygiene.
  • Playing with children different games.
  • Cleaning class room, bathrooms, kitchen.
  • Serve healthy and balanced meals.
  • Watering the garden and keeping the building
  • Taking care of children while playing outside.
  • Home visiting.
  • If necessary, medical checks.