"Orphanage Enjivai Tanzania"

             On May, 2019, the association was founded in Switzerland with the aim of collecting donations to support the orphanage financially. We are convinced that we will work together to implement
             the planned projects. We are looking forward to interested members and financial donations.
             Especially in the current time of the worldwide Cornona pandemic, we are all the more dependent on donations. Tanzania has reopened its borders to tourism from June, but we will not be able
             to count on a large number of guests  and volunteers this year. We have switched to emergency aid so that we can finance the food for the children  and pay the employees at least a small salary. 
             Food prices  have risen by more than 50%. We urgently need donations so that we can ensure the survival of the orphanage at this difficult time.



            Further information may be requested anytime at:

            Rita Strasser, President
            Gütlistrasse 2
            8280 Kreuzlingen
            mail: (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e) 
            or mail: (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e)